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Reply to "November 2019 - what wine(s) are you drinking?"

eltoro posted:
azwiese posted:

Some wine with friends at dinner over the weekend:

2016 Big Table Farm Chardonnay 

2017 Walter Scott Cuvee Anne Chardonnay

2012 La Rioja Alta Vina Arana Gran Reserva 

2015 Bibbiano Chianti Classico Riserva

All showed really well and made me consider loading up on all of them, seeing as none of them were over 35$.  

So the 2015 Bibbiano lived up to the hype?  

I mean, I don't have a ton of experience with sangiovese, but I thought it was a delicious bottle of wine.  I'm not sure if it blew my socks off the way you would expect a 95 point wine  to do, but it is a wine I would definitely drink over and over again.  I would say that I prefer tempranillo to sangiovese, so I liked the Rioja Alta a tiny bit more... but both of those bottles were great.