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Reply to "November 2019 - what wine(s) are you drinking?"

Over the past few days:

2017 Burlotto Pelaverga - CORKED

1997 Fontodi Chianti Classico - Just awesome sangiovese.  Cherries, leather, marzipan.  Still fresh with that dry sweetness you can get in aged sangio.  I would love to sneak this into '97 BdM horizontal and watch it clean up.

2016 Brash Higgins ZBO - all the apricots/orange zest & white flowers one should expect out of a skin contact zibibo.  not bad, but the value isnt there for me with the occhipinti sp68 ~30% less $$.

2016 TH Wines Viognier/roussanne - lighter, guessing its mostly viognier, acidic and aromatic with a hint of roussanne body.  ok. 

2015 Benoit Roseau syrah - CORKED

1996 Travaglini Gattinara Riserva - CORKED

2006 Vallana Campi Raudii - at this point, just happy it wasnt corked.  Lots of reduction when opened, blew off in 45 min or so, went well with dinner.  


I havent had a run of TCA affected bottles like this ever.  I couldnt believe it when i decanted the gattinara as the 3rd bottle in 4 days.   I left it out, said nothing, wathced MRs. VeV pour a glass and walk off....  stop dead in her tracks, turn back with her nose in the glass, looked at me and said "you gotta be f______ing kinggng me.....  did you smell this yet?"  I acknowledged it.  She walks back cursing like a trucker under breath and poured the decanter down the sink in anger.  There was no critical assesment or analysis of the vallana after that.  It was binary - corked or not. No TCA?  Good.  Let's have dinner.

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