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Reply to "November 2017: What are you drinking"

Originally posted by Shane T.:
Originally posted by DoubleD:
With KL, Mike K, Chris S, and Dave S:
1978 Castillo Ygay Gran Riserva Cosecha
1992 Colgin Herb Lamb Cabernet Sauvignon
1994 Henschke Hill of Grace Shiraz
1999 Delas La Landonne Cote Rotie
2004 SQN Ode to E Syrah
2007 The Treat Cabernet Sauvignon

Well done, gents! Any standouts?

I hate to sound cliche, but all were standouts in their own way. I would love to have tried the Rioja again at the end of the evening, but my palate was shot by then. It was very much alive though - bright red fruit with dried herbs.

Of the 3 wines with the highest price tags, I will purchase the Hill of Grace again if the opportunity presented itself. It was the most complex for me and evolved in a very good way over the course of the evening. There was a lot of acid with the initial glass, but it eventually gave way to raspberries, potpourri, mint and a nice sweet finish. The last glass was the best.

The SQN was unmistakably SQN - espresso, dark chocolate and vanilla on the nose and palate. Just a slutty wine and great for a one-night stand. The Colgin had a very interesting nose (KL described it as a newly opened, cheap plastic toy). The palate was fairly straight forward for me. I went back to it a few times to see if it would evolve into something better that would justify the price.

The Delas La Landonne was probably the best deal of them all (picked up at K&L auctions at $130 all in). I really like this wine, and it was in a great place. Red meat, iron, ad forest floor and dried blueberries on the nose. Tannins were fully integrated. Plums and blackberries on the palate. It would be interesting to drink this along side Guigal and Rostaing versions.