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Reply to "NFL 2021"

Last night I was remembering Tim McCarver.  Maybe the worst color commentator in the history of the job.  Well at least worst relative to how long he held the job and his assignments compared to his actual competence in the job.  Kind of like there are worse movies than Titanic and Frozen, but those two compared to their achievements are clearly the worst movies ever.

The only joy of listening to McCarver was his absolute infallible ability to always be wrong.  I laughed every time.

McCarver: "They have to bunt here, and get that runner over.  They need to get runners in scoring position.  In a tie game you need to get that next ru........."

Buck " It's a deep drive to centerfield, and it's out of here, the Braves take a two run lead."


McCarver: " You have an open base here, no sense pitching to the Braves best hitter, you have to walk him in this situation and bring in a lefty to match up against Justi........

Buck: "Swing and a miss that's strike three and Rivera ends the inning".

Then there's my man Louis Reddick.  He's clearly gunning for McCarver's title.  Last Night :

Reddick: "Washington needs to take a shot in the end zone here and throw that ball up to Seals-Jones and let him use that height and go up there and get it".

Levy: "It's a screen behind the line to McKissic (the shortest guy on the field) and he's in 10 yards for the touchdown.  Washington takes the lead."

I'm not making this up, you all can check it with Stefania next time we get the chance to be live.  22 seconds left in the game, Seahawks have the ball.

Reddick: "They need to clock it here and stop the clock, they have the first down, and there's no need to rush, get organized and take a shot."

Paul (that's me): "TOUCHDOWN SEATTLE!"

Play starts, with no clocking of the football...

Levy: "Wilson throwing, he's got a man open, TOUCHDOWN".

We love you Louis, you make us laugh.