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Reply to "NFL 2020"

Mostly uneventful week.    The biggest surprise was the Fins laying an egg against the Broncos of all teams.  Full on display of the fault of holding the ball.  Practice this week should be 1-2-SACK.

Could it be possible the Rams are the best team in the NFC West?  The Thursday night game was pretty uninspiring to think otherwise.

Tom Brady is 2-4 against teams with winning records this year.  Same sort of performance as last year with the Pats although the Bucs do score more points against good teams than last years Pats did.  That's why I didn't see a playoff run for them.

The crowning is official.  Winston is dead, long live the new king - Carson Wentz.  The Eagles would be a playoff team if they'd just have a guy who didn't give the game away week after week.

So the Blog-Chat Board rumor mill was Payton lost any confidence in Winston when he threw an almost interception in relief.  He was forcing the ball and made a bad throw, and I guess that sealed the deal.  No big paydays for him, and it sounds like the Saints are 100% not interested in resigning him.

If you missed Hill's performance, maybe the most impressive thing was he was running the Saints offense without any major changes.  That and the ball came out fast.  It's always a concern that a QB who can run, will run.  More often than not those unplanned runs are drive killers, and he didn't do that. 

I've got to wonder if the Chiefs can play enough defense to defend their title.  The Raiders are not a bad team and Carr is a good QB, but they made him look like an All Pro.

Turkey and football tomorrow during the day.  By that I mean the games are turkeys.  I can't recall a more uninteresting slate of day games which is pretty amazing because the Lions always make up 1/4 of the line up.