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Reply to "NFL 2020"

Well I've been absent.  Have been watching some but seems like there's been lots of distractions.  What a weird season.  It reminds me of the strike season in the 80's.  Usually there's that 'any given Sunday' thing, but this year the gap between the good teams and the average teams seems huge.  The bottom feeders look like those 87 Giants that Parcell rounded up from guys hanging around the parking lot at the practice facility.  Makes it really hard to tell how good the teams between 5 and 25 are.

Rams are a great example, they come in with 4 wins, except all four are against the NFC East.  They play a pretty average to below average Niners team and get there asses handed to them.   The Niners only other wins were against the Giants and Jets, so who knows maybe they are #8 in the power rankings, maybe #24.  No real way to tell.

What you can tell.

Mike Tomlin, I've always had mixed feeling about him, but he did get 130 games out of Brown and every other coach in the league combined got 1.  Steelers were any easy pick for biggest improvement and they're an easy top 5.

The Titans are the real deal and Tannehill is a real good QB.  You could say he's average on a good team with a good scheme, but Mariota failed in the same situation.  It says all you need to know about Adam the Waste Gase.  What did it take for Tannehill to be real good?  Get the hell away from Gase.

If you're the #1 pick in the 2021 draft do you demand the Jets trade the pick?  I think you make it clear you won't sign with them.  I've been saying Williams is the worst DC in the game, but somehow it slipped my attention Mike Nolan had been promoted in Dallas.  You know, Mike who stood up in the post game press conference and confirmed he could not add 8 and 3 and give you the right answer.

How about them super paper talented , best fantasy team in the Universe Boys?  They might actually go to the playoffs with 5 wins.  I though Dalton wouldn't be a drop off from Prescott, but who could really tell.

I'm surprised by the Vikings collapse.   The Falcons need to go Dolphins and get rid of that lazy team.  The Dolphins could win the AFC East.  They are well coached, well prepared, make good in game adjustments and play hard.  With average talent that's better than half the teams in the league.

About them Bears.  They really only need to win one of their next 3 games to make the playoffs.  They have a silly easy schedule after that.

I've watched the Browns a bit.  They've got 5 easy games in the schedule ahead of them.  9 wins is really possible, so is 10.  They are better coached this year.  They seem to be getting the penalty problem under control.  Still too many 15 yard penalties on defense, but it's better than it was.  They've done a lot with the playbook to minimize Mayfield's problems.  There are lots of designed roll left plays now to keep teams from stacking the right side and taking away half the field on every play.

The thing is Mayfield is 36 games in, every team in the league knows his issues (except the Boys and Jets), and he's not doing anything to get better.  Great QB's get better every game.  QB's who don't make any improvements in 36 wear their hats backwards and carry clipboards before going into alumni relations at their college.

Hebert is the real deal.

And that's it for this week I guess.