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Reply to "NFL 2020"

Louis Riddick makes me miss Gruden or Theismann or really anyone else.

I watched the Niners, and the two night games, and a good chunk of the Chargers.

The turf in New York was almost as brutally incompetent as the Jet's coaching staff.  Worst D Coordinator in the league, worst head coach in the league.  Maybe they can bring in O'Brien or Coughlin as GM and round it out.

I did watch the Cowboys comeback.  The Falcons coaching is pretty bad also.

Poor Texans, what a brutal schedule to start off with.  We really won't know about them until week 5-6 I think.

Hebert was pretty damn impressive in the Charges game.   One silly rookie cross field off balance against the body Int, otherwise pretty solid.  Ball came out, movement was good and not predictable.  He gave the Chiefs a good run.

Man the Saints defense looks like the Browns.  Killed by dumb penalties.  Jenkins was obviously over matched and targeted.  As it was most teams avoid Lattimore completely, so things aren't going to get easier for him.  

The Packers v Saints should tell us a lot this week.  The Pack win against the Vikings looked pretty good until Minnesota went out and put an 0-2 turd on the field against the Colts.  Lions and turd laying Vikings doesn't look like a strong 2-0 team.  Will the Saints do their usual game 3 defensive turn around, or is it an average team trying to win in a weak division?  We will know more about everyone by Tuesday.

Fins and Jags tonight.  If you're watching that with me, you really love football or have run out of anything to watch on Netflix.