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Reply to "NFL 2020"

Busy Week, new heater installed for the hot tub, new kitchen hood installed, cord of wood split, missed posting something on Tuesday.

Watson looked pretty bad in the first game.  Accuracy was not existent, I wondered if that would be a theme for the weekend without preseason games but it really wasn't.

The Pats surprised everyone running Newton so much.  I think that was to get that on film and force teams to plan for it.  The Fins hadn't and it showed.  Really compared to the start of last year they looked much better.  

I'll lump in Sunday and Thursday for the Browns and CinCInConvicts.  So, if we pulled a face mask in practice, coach Lee (fresh from a stint with the Steelers) would grab you by the mask, drag you 15 yards, kick you in the ass and bump you down a rotation.  You don't give up 15 yard stupid penalties.  The Browns seem good for 4-5 a game.  They need coach Lee.

Commercial Boy was up to his old roll right tricks against the Raven's who loaded that side for him.  Against the Bengals they made an effort to roll him left,early in the game.  I think it's progress that they at least recognize the problem.  

And that strip sack helmet to the chest double whammy sack against Burrows, there's a summary of my dig on SEC quarterbacks.  You play at Purdue, you play at Cal, you learn that ball needs to be out in 2.5 seconds.  He showed it all.  Chased down from behind, spin move/slammed to the ground, hold too long in the pocket double smack down.  It's a steep learning curve.  

I've figured out the Lions, they're really the Red Wings.  3 periods and they're in the locker room drinking beer.

Niners, maybe 10 was optimistic.  Eight. 

Rams looked like they had a defense.  Hard to tell playing against the best team put together since Jesus and those 12 guys, but maybe when they play Seattle we'll be able to tell how good they might be.

Thomas out, that hurts.  That was a pretty average performance by the Saints, but there best opener in 10 years.  

Brady was literally no improvement from Winston - 2 horrible turnovers.  Gronk was missing, the free agent running backs no factor.  Still think Tampa is a good team, it was a tough team to open against.

Monday night I barely managed to stay awake.  I thought it was me, that was the day I split all the wood.  Turns out boring was the headline the next day.

One week down.  Three more to go before we know anything.