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NFL 2020

I'll start us off.  I haven't really gone through the stats yet to pick trends and look for teams likely to improve or regress but I'll make some guesses based on eyeball knowledge from last season.  Remember, we don't know anything until week four.

Cam Newton sucked the last few times I saw him play and he probably had a better cast around him than he has now in New England.  He does still get to play the Jets, Fins and Bills 6 times and Brady was pretty average last year I'll try and watch him the first couple weeks, but I've got to think the Pats can win 10 games with a high school QB in that division.  

The Jets have the worst coach in the league.

I'm a Tau skeptic, there is literally no useful game film on a Bama QB.  In what situation in the NFL do you have receivers bigger, faster and better than every DB on the field and 5-7 seconds to throw every time?  I was impressed with how hard the Fins played last year.

I'm pretty sure when I do look at the stats the Ravens will show a big down trend.  The Steelers played without a NFL QB last year and won 8 games.  I expect they'll win 10+ this year.  The Brown are who we thought they were, or I thought they were anyway.  Maybe 8 wins this year.  Maybe 4.

The AFC West might be the new patsy division.  The Chargers I blew it on last year and I can't see how Taylor is an upgrade on anyone at QB, even as shaky as Rivers was last year.  A good side bet is how many weeks/loses before Hebert comes in?  Gruden still thinks he can do something with Peterman.  That might be the biggest ego in the history of sports.

I like the Titans, except it's disturbing that the coaching was so bad they never tried to fix Mariota.  The Jags, man that's a F'ed up franchise.  Colts didn't get any better at QB.

Cowboys of course have the best paper team in the history of the universe.  This is probably it for them.  Starting next season the salary cap really screws them, or rather signing Amari Cooper really screws them.  I like the Eagles in this division.  It's a pretty easy division with the Midgets and NoNames in it.

The Packers looked so over matched against the Niners, I had to wonder how they won 13 games, then I remember what an easy schedule they had.  Bet they show up on my top teams to regress.  I'll leave you Bear fans alone for now, but signing Jimmy Graham was a sign how poor this front office is at talent evaluation . 

Now the beef.

I don't have to dig into the stats to predict the Niners will show the highest likely hood to regress.  The turnover margin change is unsustainable and key talent already left.  There's no WR on the roster who would make the 53 man roster in New Orleans.  Still a great team, but 10 wins seems more likely than 13.  I'll want to see if the Rams are any better than the one man defense they had last year.

I'll just ignore the Falcons and Panthers for now.  Tampa Bay.  Last year about half a dozen times I said that was a real good football team with an idiot of a quarterback.  Thing is I don't really like any of the signings.  Gronk- it's really hard to miss a year and perform at close to the level you were at, and his level was slipping.  DO you think he'll play more than 10 games?  McCoy is 32.  Fournette is a 2 down back, which is fundamentally worthless in the NFL, and Brady.  Well, playing against good teams last year the most points he put up on the board for the Pats was....wait for it....take a guess....20.  Twenty.  Two Zero.  Almost anyone would have been an upgrade from Jamies Mashpotatohead, but is Brady really an upgrade at this point?  I think they can win more than the 7 games they won with Brickhead, and the schedule looks pretty easy, but I'll wait and see.  I don't think they can win a playoff game if they get there.

Maybe the best free agent signing this off season was Sanders.  The Saints were a one man show at receiver.  They're still light at TE, and their #3 receiver, but a healthy Kamara added with Sanders makes this a much better offensive team.  LB is a weakness, and RG, but this is a solid team every where else.  The injury bug hit last year on the D-Line and Kamara.  That will be key to a Super Bowl run this year.





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