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Reply to "NFL 2019"

Not really a lot of surprise left in the season now.  Really only the Niners game but they had 6 starters out on defense and the Falcons are good when they play hard.

The Jets game was interesting.  Darnold and Anderson showed something good.  To bad they have the worst coaching staff in the NFL and no indication they're getting rid of the dynamic dumbos.   

I expected a better game in the Texans v Titans match up.  Early in the season I said the only close games I saw the Texans having was in games where they really should have blown the other team out and that was one of them.

The Cowboys are of course now going to win the Super Bowl based on beating a single winning team (one that looked like it's booked its golf dates).  At least that's what I got reading the news about them.

If the Bucs had any other QB, anyone who turned the ball over at an average rate, they'd be 10-4.

I made the best red beans and rice I've ever done Monday.  Ham Hock was the secret I've been missing.  That and pork belly.  I read an advance stat this week that Michael Thomas has dropped one, one, a single pass this year he should have caught.  Cooper can do that in a single quarter in any game.  I mention Thomas because he's the first Pro Bowl wide receiver Drew Brees has ever had on the Saints.  Think about all time leader in Yards, Completions, and Touchdowns and he hasn't had a Pro Bowler to throw to until 3 years ago.

Tom Coughlin is out of the league for the moment.  Want to know a team with an idiot running it?  It's whoever hires him next.  Skins are my bet.

I'm going to be rooting for the Eagles and Chiefs this week.  The first because one should root against the Cowboys at all times.  The later because it will clinch that 8-8 Chitown beer for me.