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Reply to "NFL 2019"

There's that video we've all seen - Dick Butkus lifting Leroy Kelly, legs still churning and throwing him to the ground.  For three decades that's been the video of the baddest ass -toughest play of all time.  Then Kittle drags Marcus Williams by his facemask with the rest of the Saints secondary nipping at him like hyenas trying to bring down a bull elephant and we have the new video of bad ass for the next 30 years.

If you were watching the Browns or Jets or whatever Sunday morning I feel for you man.  Praise your loyalty but you missed the game of the year.  Niners pulled out everything in the book and Brees put on an all time great game.  Everything else feels like it might be a let down.

The afternoon was spent at Tommy's Saloon and Todd's Beer Garage so I got the Raiders v Titans only.  So the way the Titans get points so fast is Tannehill has freed himself from the evil clutches of Adam Gase.  What a fun team to watch. 

The way NFL coaches rise is so weird.  Gase's claim to fame was being Payton's OC at the end of his career.  An OC was as important to Manning the last 10 years of his career as the guy who brang over the Microsoft Surface to him when he ran off the field.  Ok maybe not even that important.  Then from there he goes to coaching Cutler.  So irrelevant and uninterested is basically his resume but he turns that into two head coaching jobs as some sort of QB guru.

Seahawks laid a turd in the late game.  Looked like Saints v Falcons a few weeks ago.

Monday night was a good game.  Philly fans get a lot of well deserved crap, but they do boo when a team needs to get booed and that team needed it in the first half.  The Giants offensive line was the worst offensive line I've seen all year.  Their secondary is worse than the offensive line.  I've seen the Bengals play twice and the GIants play twice, the GIants are worse.  I do think if Manning wants to come back next year he earned himself a job.  He'd be a good transitional QB on an average to above average team working up a new QB.

The Eagles still needed overtime to beat them.  Wentz's two big completions in the first half were dying ducks each receiver needed to come back on and basket catch.  Against any other NFL team those would have been interceptions or knock downs.  I worked on a new metaphor for the upcoming Eagles v Cowboys showdown.  It's 3:30 AM at a Waffle House outside of Mobile Alabama and you're watching two fat women fight over a diet coke.

Texans v Titans is the big morning game coming up.  I am looking forward to seeing a Greg Williams defense vs the Raven's on Thursday.  Jackson should clinch his MVP.