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Reply to "NFL 2019"

stefaniawine posted:

I watched the official NFL 14 minute highlight package and went through the box score.  Mayfield had a good set of mid range passes.  Hodges had probably the best weekend in the NFL on long range passes.  The suck line with weighting (Int=5/Sack = 2/Fumble = 6/Unplanned Run = 1)

Hodges 1/1/0/5 = 12

Mayfield 1/5/1/1 = 22

Hodges had a QBR 20 points higher and was 2-2 in the two minute offense with 10 points.  Mayfield was 0-3 with a turnover.  So yeah Hodges outplayed Mayfield.

You know what they say about a Heisman Trophy in the NFL.  That and $2 will get you a bus pass.  Transfers are $1 more.

I watched the Niners-Ravens and was able to split screen the other games during breaks.  To me the Niners game came down to one of those Jimmy G WTF moments early in the game when he fumbled and gave the Ravens a short field.  That TD was the difference.  The Ravens didn't make that type of mistake all game.

Just when I'm smarting off about the the Macy's Parade being the worst thing in New York the Jets and Giants go out and make statement games.  They do in fact suck more than the parade.

We are finally through the complete unpredictability of games 8-12.  I mean none of you had a parley with the Bengals, Fins and Skins winning right?  Games should be easier to call now, at least for those not hopeless homers like every Cowboy fan and commentator out there.  

The Titans I need to watch an entire game so I quit missing how they score 14 points so damn fast.  They look like the team trending best out of 6/7 win group and could cause some problems in January.  The Cardinals and Raiders finally played like I expected them to all season.  Next week space aliens are going to come down and block a field goal with their ship to cost the Chargers a win, because that is like the only way they've not found to lose yet.

You know that meme about the gods taking a day from your life for every cigarette you smoke and giving it to Keith Richards?  Tom Brady has that some thing for everyone who says he's washed up.  The gods give him one more completion.  I'm not saying anything, but I, like everyone else, went to the Pats schedule to see who the hell they beat.  The wins against the Eagles, Cowboys and Browns look a lot less impressive now that we know the reality of those teams versus the fantasy of what we thought they were.

I was on the porch drinking a Manny and smoking a Brick House for the first half last night.  THe second half was great.  Wilson is doing things this year reading defenses and making adjustments that I've not seen him do regularly in the past.  THe game plan isn't just 'run  around until someone is open' anymore.  Very impressive.

Saints-Niners coming up.  I stocked the fridge with Anchor Steam and Abita.  Stop by.

Re: Jimmy I'm less critical on the fumble. Bad weather game in the cold and one turnover is not unexpected. He had one fumble and no INTs which is above average For that type of game.

For me the Jimmy WTF moments were his inability to get the ball to Kittle. 2 catches and under 20 yards to one of the Premier TE's in the NFL is a big time fail. Big... Time.... Fail. That's why they lost