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Reply to "NFL 2019"

Early edition or I'll forget all this stuff by Tuesday.

The Bears - Lions game should have been the dinner time game.  If there was one to ignore this was it.  Still tracking right on for 8-8 and free beer.  The Lions 3rd string QB was fun to watch, hope he does get a chance to play.

Josh Allen looked so much better than he did when I watched him against the Pats.  In that game he was clearly overwhelmed by the moment.  I figured that might happen again, and it did not.  His reads and passing was so much better, but then he was playing the Cowboys.  I figured the Bills for a quick ride out of the playoffs, but they realistically could beat the Chiefs or Texans.

My father in law used to say: "In order to avoid disappointment, one must make sure perception aligns with reality."  The Cowboys are delusional.  Romo last night still was talking about little adjustments, and I'm still reading about 'small changes'.  This is the line up of this team at it's highest profile positions:

Case Keenum (actually Mariota is a closer match if Mariota had ever gotten good coaching)

Devonta Freeman

Ted Ginn Jr

Whitney Mercilus 

No one is calling that group a Super Bowl contender if you put them together.  If the Cowboys were in the NFC West they would be 3-9.  If they were in the NFC South they would be 4-8.  If the Eagles get a little healthy they should run away with the East over the next 5 weeks.

Eli Apple might have had the worst game I've ever seen a CB have when he didn't actually give up a big play.  On all three of his PI calls there was no need to touch the receiver at all.  I wonder how much time the Saints will spend on onside kick coverage this week.  Really though if your big problems are onside kick recovery and CB discipline that's not bad.  Lots of dropped balls.  I hate to see that.  The team last night didn't look like they could beat the Niners.

Falcons should go out 0 for the rest of the season now.

And final thought.  I'm not a parade guy at all.  I go to our small town ones because that's what you do in a small town: Chama Days, the GIlroy Christmas Parade, Morgan Hill 4th of July.  Of course in New Orleans I've seen the Halloween Parade, the Gay Easter Parade, the St Patrick Day parade and probably 50 weddings, birthdays or parades for the hell of it.  In between games Stef had the Macy's parade on and I thought: "If you've ever been to a parade in New Orleans, this New York parade is the lamest fucking thing you'll ever see in your life."  You New Yorkers should be embarrassed, step up your game.  Your parade is worse than your football teams.

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