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Reply to "NFL 2019"

Watched Colts-Texans, Saints-Panthers, split screen Titans-Jags and Pats-Boys.  Watched both night games and both were surprising duds.

The Colts have a pretty easy road to get the last playoff spot, and that might go to an 8-8 team.  That's about the best I can say about them.  Texans should have won by more.

The level of officiating is really bad.  That's my take away from the Saints game.  Never mind the overturned PI that was inconsistent with every other call over the last 8 weeks, Every official on the field missed the muffed punt when every person on the field, stadium and TV saw it.  Saints defense really is much different without Lattimore.

So I go out to check the tasting room at half time of the late games.  Come back and what the hell happened with the Titans?  28 points?  I wasn't gone that long.  The TItans have one of the tougher schedules to finish off of the 5-6, 6-5 teams, and they might be the best one of the lot at this point.  Turns out it was a good team with a bad QB.

That's what I was talking about with the Cooper trade.  That's exactly what he was in Oakland.  He'd disappear all game then show up wide open - and drop the ball.  Ted Ginn Jr Jr.  The Cowboys are likely to get a home playoff game, imagine that.  Maybe one of the Philly guys can tell me, are any of their injured players close to coming back?  I don't want to watch anymore Cowboys games.

That's the Raiders team I expected.

I didn't expect that beat down of Rodgers and the Pack.  Even Jimmy G's 2-3 WTF moments had no impact.  Saints-Niners in a couple weeks.  Might be worth a trip to NOLA.

Clay Mathews.  He made Colin Kaepernick a star.  January 13th 2013, Greg Roman, undresses Mathews on Read Option after Read Option.  He never could play with any discipline and Roman beat him play after play.  He gave him a situation he loved, tackle behind the line, and made a fool out of him.  181 rushing yards for a QB.

Last night Roman got to do it again with Jackson, same result.  The Cam Newton analogy is good, but Jackson is making better reads and better throws now than Newton ever did.  I watched him take a hard hit to the right arm last night and I think his time as a star will be short.  He's going to get hit, and hit a lot.  RGIII, Newton, Kap, all where going to 'change the league', none did, none could last.  He does look like a better QB than any of those other guys, but I don't see him staying healthy very long. 

Ravens defense is mean, just mean.