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Reply to "NFL 2019"

I should try to beat the start of a new week.  Already commented on the Browns Steelers, and could go on about that, but the Browns are the Browns and back to wasted 1st round picks and irrelevance they go.  

Watched the Saints, Niners, Pandas (why, why again) and the Chargers-Chiefs.

Winston's first two picks were kind of freak bounces.  They were not well thrown balls, but they could have been incomplete easier than they were picks.  The third one I thought Williams might signal for a fair catch on.  By the fourth one I was on my way to the neighbors.  Kamara still doesn't look close to 100% but the good news was the Saints didn't fall off a cliff without Lattimore, which they've done in the past.

It's strange but there's still talk on all the news feeds about Tampa trying to keep WInston another year.  I actually read something this morning that the Titans might dump both options they have now, both of whom are better than Mr. Uber.  There's not a bad team there, just maybe the worst QB in the league.  I know there are back ups all over and somehow Brian Hoyer started a game this year, but worst in no one ever thought Hoyer would be any good or stuck by him for years.  Value returned to faith.  Worst.

Speaking of worst - Bears 2017 draft.  Burrito eating contest winners and back flip specialist.  It wasn't hard to call at the time.  That's not even mentioning trading up a pick to get a player the team you were trading to didn't want.  Hind sight?  I called it then, should have bet you guys on that one also.  I think of the Bears front office, and it must be like that scene in  Money Ball; "He's got a hot girlfriend and can do back flips, we should draft him".

The basic rule of the NFL is learn, adapt, change, invent, or die.  The league caught up to the Rams.  You don't keep changing, you die.  Everyone has seen the film now, they are prepared for it, every week you have to  show a defense something new.  McVay should know that, but so far he hasn't shown it.

I feel a little better about the Chargers miss after watching Rivers fade into the world of Eli Manning over the last few weeks.  Watching Monday I wondered if he's got some injury we don't know about.  Highlights from 2017:

Then from a good game against the Fins this year.

Notice the lowering of his already low arm angle and release point?  His release seems almost slow motion now vs 2017.  Watch his balance, his weight shift is all off in 2019, and he's throwing off balance, almost looks like Johnny Manziel (without Johnny's happy hop when he was ready to throw).  He looked awful Monday night, the arm angle and release speed was really bad.  Is it just age?

Niners kept rolling even with another sloppy game.  At least 2-3 times a game Jimmy G throws a ball and you go "What the hell was that?".

Should be a good slate of games this week.  Niners  v Packers especially.

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