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stefaniawine posted:
bomba503 posted:


Divorce and death not the least of them

Divorce, ok maybe.  Death?  The Hawks and Saints both survived their owners death with no threat to family control.  There was thought that Paul Allen's sister would sell the team but there's no sign that will happen.

Open mics catching ugly comments and dicks out in the office, that's the only way I see owners being forced to sell.

It can be more complicated than you think. For example about 15 years ago I was in a dumpy sports bar around the corner watching my Eagles and saw an older couple looking for a place to sit with Eagles gear on. I invited them to join me. He was a retired banker from Philly. I became friends with them and over the years watched many games with them at that dumpy sports bar. I wondered why they kept coming and they said they just liked going there and getting out of the house. The wife passed several years ago, the bar shut down when BWW came to town and I hadnt seen them in a while. I bumped into him around town with his caregiver about 8 months ago. He was suffering memory loss and didnt know who I was. So why is this relevant you may ask? The team is worth close to $3B and he owns 10% of the Eagles. There is someone else out there that also quietly owns 10% and he has an ex-wife who owns a piece also. There are silent minority ownership stakes all over the league that could create a need to sell. There are lots of other things going on as well out there. Its not as simple as one guy/gal owning each team. 

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