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Reply to "NFL 2019"

The most underrated thing in football is smarts.  Pure and simple, you have to be really, really smart to play well at the top level.  It is the differentiation between greatness and waiver wire.  By the time you get to the NFL; every corner runs a 4.4-4.5, every receiver has an insane vertical jump, every d-lineman can chase down someone from behind not running at full speed, every RB was a star in college.

Anyone think Deandre Baker will be playing in this league in 3 years?  Anyone?  Every physical measure he has is better than Richard Sherman's right now, except Sherman is probably at least 30 IQ points higher than Baker.  Sherman will still be playing in the NFL after Baker is gone.

Why do the Giants have 2 wins?  The traded THREE draft choices to get a guy who doesn't know if a play call is zone or man.  Imagine the scorn a rookie QB would get 8 games in if he didn't know if a play was a run or a pass.  The problem with the Giants is stupid.  IT starts on top, stupid doesn't recognize stupid, it trades three draft choices for it.

With the Niners on Thursday and Saints on bye I got little bits of a lot of games.  Stefania hates it but I pretty much had the multi screen on the NFL package running all day Sunday. Couldn't seem to help myself in watching extended amounts of the Bears and Browns.

And that's all I'll say about those two teams.  No need to rub it in.

Flacco might be the worst team cancer since Cutler.  Remove him and a dead team comes back to life.

Tampa is my early pick for biggest turn around next year.  They need a DB or two and a QB who doesn't make stupid choices and they'll win 4-5 more games next year vs this year.  Not even a great QB, or even a good one, just a smart one.

That was the Chargers team I was expecting.

The Ravens - Patriots result wasn't really a surprise to me.  The Pats schedule had been laughably easy so far.  The Ravens have a great D and really they just need Jackson to not turn the ball over.

The Fins win also wasn't a surprise after watching them against the Steelers.  They play hard, don't quit, and that's all you really need to beat the Jets.  I wish I would have seen the Cowboys - Jets game because all I've ever seen from Darnold made me afraid of ghosts too.  He had a good game once I hear.  I missed it.  

I don't watch a lot of college ball, but I do remember not being very impressed by Darnold vs the hype he was getting.  I didn't see a superstar, I saw someone who made poor decisions as often as not and tried to force the ball in when he had better options.  I thought some team would over draft him.

And speaking of college ball I think the worst award mistake in history was giving the Heisman to some generic Alabama RB because the east coast voters couldn't stay awake to see the best college football player I've ever seen.  McCaffrey  was completely unstoppable in every part of the offensive game at Stanford. 

I was surprised he went as high in the draft as he did because his game is running between the tackles and he's 30 pounds lighter than most NFL backs who run up the middle.  Kudos to the Panthers for taking a chance.  He's been better than every player taken before him, and the players behind him who have had a big impact the Panthers didn't really need.

Saints v the Deadbirds at 10AM and I'm actually thinking I'll take the day off Monday so I don't miss any Hawks v Niners.  Really excited to watch that game.