Reply to "NFL 2019"

Thursday night I was distracted by tapping a new beer at the neighbors.  He's got a three tap system.  You all really need to come visit out here, every neighbor has a barn or garage converted to a full bar.  The beer was the most interesting part of the game.

Sunday I was on a plane to San Diego for the first half of the morning games.  The good news was I parked myself in a sports bar in the Gaslamp and in edition to the Saints I got to catch a lot of the other early games in bits.  I don't think Drew Beees is 100%, but 60% vs the Cardinals is better than 30 of the 32 starting QB's in the league.   At 100% this is the best Saints team ever.

The Bills remind me of the Fins a couple years ago when I watched 3 games and the Fins went 7-9 and I couldn't figure out from what I watched how they ever won a game.  The Bills might still be a playoff team, but not one that can win a playoff game.

I didn't know if there were any Bolts fans left here until that kick went wide.  Turns out they still care about the Chargers in San Diego.  Pitiful performance by the Bears coaching staff.  They have less than zero confidence in their QB and offense.  I always felt a team deserved to lose if they took a knee and turned the game over to a kicker.  A kicker.  I mean you don't really even want that guy hanging out in the same locker room with you.  If you trust a kicker more than your QB, well your QB sucks.  "We don't want you to throw to Lattimore's side of the field no matter what, and we trust some guy whose name sounds like a spanish cuss word more than you" are not votes of confidence in your QB in back to back weeks.

I decided a nice Brickhouse stogie and a Belgian Double were more important for the afternoon game than tracking down a place to watch the Niners, so I saw the Raiders v Texans.  Really too bad about Watt because I thought that Texans team could sneak its way through a lot of playoff games with him leading the defense.  He's the one guy in the league I've ever seen Brees be really concerned with on every play.

I'm looking forward to Niners vs Seahawks.  That's going to be something to see.  I really had the Niners at 10-6 this year, now I'd say 12-4 is really possible.  Of course that also makes them a top candidate for a correction next year.  Right now they've turned around their +/- turnover ratio +27 I think.  Cam Jordan is a completely dominate force on defense.  Bosa is probably twice as good.  I think on Thursday you'll see just what a mistake Arizona made.

Packers shouldn't have let that Chiefs team hang around so long.  I think they're a step behind the Saints and Niners, both of whom would have put a choke hold on a back up QB led Chiefs team.

I'll give this to the FIns, there's no quit.  There's no talent, but there's no quit.  The Falcons are probably twice as good and they don't give a shit about playing football.  The Broncos have their ski lift tickets booked for the winter, The Bengals look like they'd even give up work-release privileges if they didn't have to show up on Sunday, but the Fins are playing hard.  That's more positive than I've seen from them in years, even when they were winning games (god knows how). 

Not sure who I'll watch this coming up Sunday.  Seems like I've got at least one from every team.  The powers finally back on at home after 4 days so I'm sure there will be the need for some down time on the patio.