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Reply to "NFL 2019"

csm posted:
patespo1 posted:
mneeley490 posted:

Like most games, there were some bad calls, and some bad non-calls. Matthews may not have deserved that particular call, but there was a blatant roughing earlier when Wilson was was flattened after being hit from behind that no ref seemed to notice.

To your point, the lack of consistency with the refereeing is what bothers me the most.  It's a billion dollar business, maybe they can afford full time referees?  

I always hear the argument for full time referees when there is a poor call that matters in a game that matters.  We obviously don't have any data to confirm, but I never see how a guy not having a weekday job will make him a better official on the weekends. 

I agree we don't have the data to back it, but I would hypothesize that full time referees could dedicate themselves during the week to watching film, working out to stay in better shape, having crew meetings, etc.   Again, the NFL can afford it.  The NBA and MLB have full time officials.  What would it hurt?

I saw a number of games (yes, including my Browns) yesterday that had terrible officiating.  And how the league can review some of these calls and not change/overturn them is beyond me.  

Rant over (for now).