Reply to "NFL 2019"

Watched Rams - Seahawks, Saints - Bucs, part of Packs - Cowboys, Colts - Chiefs, most of Niners - Browns.  Really miss the 6PM start time for MNF.

Yeah so that was not a great call on Matthews, but it was 1st and 10 and the Rams hadn't shown any ability to slow down the Hawks.  I figure 40-50 more calls like that that go against the Rams and their mojo should come back into equilibrium.  Wah.

The Rams are really a one hit wonder on defense.  Contain Donald, score 30+ points.  Hawks looked really good.  I think the criticism of their offense against the Saints was off the mark.  See below for details.

I tried to get glimpses of Bears-Raiders but really didn't see much.  I'm shocked the Raiders have won two games.

I'm guessing very few of you saw the Saints play.  You probably saw the 31-24 final and thought: "No big deal, back up QB vs a poor Buc team the Saints squeezed one out."  Only thing is that Bucs team is not a poor team.  Beating the Rams wasn't a fluke.  What you missed was a dominate defensive performance that was hidden by the final score. 

The Bucs scored one TD on a 20 yard drive after a fluke interception.  They scored another touchdown in garbage/clock kill time.  Take away that last clock kill drive and the Saints D gave up 174 yards in total offense.  That was to a team that had over 500 vs the Rams.

The last three weeks I've heard about bad play calling and being out of sync for the Seahawks and how the Cowboys couldn't get Dak and Zeke going because, well who knows.  The Saints have one of the best defenses in the league.  You all missed it.

The Pack - Boys game really didn't hold my attention.  The Pack defense is good after all.  The bottom line was the suck line:

Rogers - 0 Int, 2 sack, 0 fumbles, 1 scramble ( I added the unplanned run as a suck)

Prescott - 3 Int, 3 sacks, 0 fumbles, 4 scramble

That's a lot of drives Dak killed.

Reports of the Colts death were premature.

Reports of the Chiefs having a defense were dead wrong.

Humm - What to say.  Those dog pound guys have sensitive feelings and all.  I got the Chargers completely wrong if that makes you feel any better.  Browns do still get the Fins, Broncos, Cardinals, Bengals twice and QB-less Steelers twice.  That's 7 games against teams with 3 wins right now.  They really only need to beat one good team to finish 10-6

There's something big going on in the NFL.  It's on the defensive line.  IF you can bring pressure with 4 guys, and you have depth to rotate in 6 or more guys on the line with no drop off, you're going to win games.  No blitzing linebackers needed, no superstar hybrids, just 4 guys bringing it.  Saints 4-1, Niners 4-0.

I'm picking grapes most of the weekend so I probably won't see much in week 6.