Reply to "NFL 2019"

Watched Packers - Eagles, 1/2 Pats - Bills (With Otisabdul and his dad), 3/4 of Bears-Vikings, Saints - Cowboys, most of Steelers - Kittens.

Week four you finally get some real insight.  Everyone new the Fins would be stinkers but now it's clear the Broncos, Bengals and Redskins are the bottom feeders.  Some that we thought would be bottom feeders like Tampa and the Giants won't be.  Tampa's got a good team, I saw that against the Niners.

Packers look the best they have in years.  First Eagles game I've seen and they seem to be their own worst enemy with penalties and turnovers.  They could have had 5 face mask penalties.

Bills defense is really good.  Allen was completely over matched and to me undisciplined.  He had that young QB must make big plays mentality and it was his undoing.  It was great to hang out with Otis.

Chase Daniels is a better quarterback than Trubisky.   That's an epic defense, but they need an offense that can keep them from facing 15-20 possessions a game.  That's when luck and big plays start to work against a good defense.

The most memorable thing about the MNF game was, well nothing.

The Saints defense I would have not ranked above the Cowboys, but they won the game.  Teddy Bridgewater earned 10 million or so.  He outplayed Prescott, and if you're a Cowboys fan you should have severe anxiety about paying him 30+ million a year and wrecking your salary cap for the next 5 years.  

It was interesting though to watch Teddy's reaction to his terrible error on 3rd down of turning his back.  You could see he knew that was a stupid mistake the minute he made it, and he was still beating himself up over it post game.  It was the first thing he talked about.  I think, and think not know, that's the impact of practicing with Brees and Payton.  He's learned how to be a QB, what the mistakes are to avoid, game management, reads, all the tough stuff.  He's not executing everything right now, but he KNOWS what he's supposed to do.  There's no need for a  coach to yell at him on the sidelines, he knows exactly what and why he should have done.

This year I've seen Allen screamed at (for good reason), Trubisky coddled, Mariota oblivious and a host of young QB's make the same mistakes over and over again.  I think we saw Bridgewater turn his back for the last time.  That's why I think Chase is a better option for the Bears.  He's not going to win any games for you single handed, but he knows that and he knows exactly what he's supposed to do with the tools he has.

Big game for the Saints and especially the 49ers this week.  Should be fun.