Reply to "NFL 2019"

I got to watch about half of the Ravens game and all of the Browns.  Here's the thing about young QB's, they all have issues.  It's really about fixing the issues.

Lamar Jackson has exactly the same problems as Kaepernick has/had except unlike Kap he seems to have a basic understanding of his playbook and the formations that are in it.  He's also not completely befuddled every time he comes up to the line and looks at a defense.  He has no touch, he locks on to parts of the field, he never looks anyone off, he holds the ball too long and deadliest of all under pressure he turns his back and and tries to loop back to escape.  He never steps up or around in the pocket, and when he does it's not natural, he goes to a spot and the defense knows that spot.

Kap never fixed any of those things.  Never.  Once teams adjusted he was a very ineffective QB.  Jackson's future is about making those adjustments.  Teams have enough film on him now to  punish those mistakes and I saw the Chiefs, who don't have a good defense, well prepared for his flaws, especially the turn the back one.

Mayfield is completely predictable, If he doesn't get the ball out in under 2.2 seconds he rolls right.  The end of that game, the Rams were perfectly prepared for him.  They played a defense loaded with coverage to the right so no one broke open in under 2 seconds.  They went man on man single coverage on the left and brought left side pressure to force him to roll.  They basically set the defense up to do exactly what they know he is comfortable doing and then shut it down with a swarm of defenders on the right side in coverage.  It's tough to win in the NFL playing on 1/2 a field.  

The right read when you see single man on man coverage with no safety help on the left side is to drop back, step up in front of the pressure and throw the fade to the 1x1 receiver.  You'e going to get hit and you need a receiver who can go up for the ball, which the Browns have.  The thing is he never even looked left.

That roll to the right works in college ball where there is just not the depth of talent in the defensive backfield. With the additional 4-5 seconds of time a college defense will break down on the roll and you'll get a completion, even taking 1/2 the field out of play.  Mayfield is basically doing what he learned worked.

That's a serious flaw, and a common one.  Joe Montana had it.  It was his most famous play, and then Bill Walsh spent a couple of years trying to get him to stop doing it.  Drew Brees had it also.  So that's hopeful for Browns fans, Montana and Brees physically and skill set wise are pretty close to Mayfield.

Then again every SEC quarterback since Ken Stabler, not named Manning, has had the same flaw, and none of them have won a Super Bowl.

Chargers look like my swing and miss this year.  Bridgewater made himself $5 million, he's got 15-20 million on the line Sunday.  49ers found both new and repetitive ways to give the ball away and still won.  Not a good sign for the Steelers. I need to see another Lions game.  I wrote them off letting the Cardinals back in the game, and there might be more there.

My Raiders question was answered.  No Carr and the Raiders didn't magically get better, the Broncos just suck.

I'm not excited by the Giants new QB because they have the same coaches and front office.  "You can't fix stupid."  I was glad to see Case Keenum playing again, because let me tell you he sucked working as the check out guy at Home Depot.  I mean you think he's a bad QB you should see him work a cash register.  

And one last bit of breaking news.  I have this exclusive photo of the Dolphins coaching staff looking for players to round out the team: