Reply to "NFL 2019"

I watched some duds this weekend - Tampa - Carolina (best game I saw, which tells you something), Niners - Bengals, Rams - Saints, Browns - Jets.

You do need 4 full games to learn anything.  Sure Jackson has been good but as pointed out he did it against a team I'd rank 31 of 32 and one I'd rank 48 of 32, accounting for the 15 or so college teams and one or two high school teams that could beat the Miami Fishkill.  Going for the first choice in the draft is only a good plan if you've ever shown the ability to draft by the way.

I learned that Tampa has a better defense than I gave them credit for.  I put the Niners struggles up to poor offensive execution, but Carolina had worse problems.  Carolina also had trouble stopping the Tampa run, so I'd say they have a good running game.  Success for them will come down to Winston making good choices.  So in the end, they're still doomed.

I don't think the Niners offense is that good, the Bengals just stunk.  It reminded me of the Saints vs Bills wooping a few years ago that lead to the infamous decision to start Peterman.  Their defense is that good.  They bring pressure with a four man rush and rotate 8 guys keeping them all fresh.  You don't want to be down 10 points to the Niners in the 4th, it's unhealthy for your QB.

Given what I saw from the Steelers and Bengals, the Ravens could could go 3-3 in their remaining non-division games and finish 12-4.

What a let down in the Rams - Saints game.  Teddy Bridgewater literally has at least 50 million in guarantee money riding on how he plays over the next 6 weeks, and so far he's pissing it away.  The Rams defense is one guy, and that's a hell of a guy.

Yeah - You're playing a 3rd string QB, walk on, undrafted, passed on waivers and signed as a free agent QB, then that wasn't a great performance by the Browns.  They basically won on two big plays against a team that could not make one average play.  Mayfield has a dangerous tendency to hang his balls high and expose his receivers to all kinds of terrible hits.  If the Browns hit game 8 at 4-4 or anything less than 6-2 I think those receivers at best will start to get alligator arms.  At worse they are on IR or dead.

You saw one play last night that summed up why I've thought Gregg Williams is a total fucking moron, going back to his Saints days.  Booger called it as it happened: "Williams is dialing up a blitz, he likes to bring pressure inside the 50".  Yeah and the TV announcer spotted it, a guy on his patio in Gilroy spotted it and Baker Mayfield spotted it.  Great work Gregg.  And next time you draw up a blitz anyone on any easy chair in America can see is coming, how about covering the most dangerous freaking receiver in the league with, I don't know, one guy maybe?  Moron.

Still waiting on more Chitown takers on that bet.

On to week 3!