Reply to "NFL 2019"

Week One thoughts on games I watched:

Any other takers from Chitown on that bet?  Because I'm feeling 8-8 might be a stretch after watching that stink turd of an 'offensive performance'.  I doubt the Packers defense suddenly turned into a top 5 team, but will be interesting to watch them this year.

Eli Manning really is a sad figure at this point.  

Chargers - Colts was a better game than I expected.  Chargers 13-3 is still in the cards.

WTF with the Lions?  The Cardinals should be battling the Dolphins and the Giants for #32 in the power rankings.  Are they really that bad bman?  I don't get to see them very often.

Well - you know, all that stuff I said about the Bears and how it relates to the other turn around teams.  That all applied to the Browns also except the 1st place schedule (they have a 3rd place schedule), so no surprises there for me.  Our Browns fans here are a little sensitive so I didn't want to be the one poking them in the eye balls.  The Bears fans can take that.  It is a weak division and who knows what Pittsburg will play like the rest of the season, but I don't see any playoff team in Clevelend.

49ers win the turnover battle, win the game.  The run defense was really suspect and Jimmy G didn't look great, but this team still just needs to get the turnover ratio under control to win 5 more games than last year.

Tampa - Winston - Uber is hiring.

Steelers - Patriots - Dud

Texans - Man if Watson could learn to check down or make some reads he has a hell of an arm.  He's not going to play 8 games this year though getting sacked and beat up like that.  Texans are going to be an all or none team all year long is my guess.  They win by 20, or loss by 20 and the only thing in between is when they lose games by 2 they should have won.

Who are these Raiders and when did Carr get so much better?  Or is that just the Broncos sucking?  We will have to see.

Right now is when Patton does his first week yelling at his Defensive Coordinator to get his shit together.  At least this Tuesday follows a win.  That was a heck of a game.