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Reply to "NFL 2019"

Some things I'll be watching through the first 4 weeks:

Will the Ravens get solid enough QB play to compliment their defense.? I think you can say the same about the Texans.

The Titans QB.  How long before that's a musical chairs?

How do the Browns start? They finally seem to recognize who not to hire as a coach, but all those late wins last year where against teams that had quit.

Speaking of quitting will the Falcons and Panther un-quit this year?

The Cowboys seem to understand where they are at with their salary cap situation, this has got to be the year they make a run.  They have a pretty easy schedule this year and if they don't start 3-0 something is really wrong.

Will the Chiefs play defense?  Will it matter?

I wish the Raiders and the Cardinals played this year.  The Shit Bowl.

Chargers.  That looks like the easiest schedule of the year for any good team.  13-3?

I think the 49ers will be much better.  The Saints will be all about staying healthy.  They have a tough schedule and no cap space to bring in help.  

Patio will be open all year for watching games.  First party is Sept 9th, I'm making Jambalaya.  Stop by if you're in town, and remember we don't know anything until after game 4.


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