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Reply to "NFL 2019"

billhike posted:

This is the first time I’ve been excited about the Bears since before the Jay Cutler era.

Bears were +12 in turnovers last year with no recent history of being a plus team.

Bears lead the league in defensive touchdowns (6), a stat that is largely luck and not repeatable.

Bears go from playing a last place schedule to a first place schedule.

Those are three of the biggest predictors of poor performance relative to the previous season I've found.  That's a bad combo for the Bears.  It's almost exactly the same combo as the 2017/18 Jacksonville Jags. (10/7/worst to first schedule)  I predicted the Jags last year as no better than 8-8.  Finished 5-11. 

The Schedule thing is a killer.  Last year they had seven, 7, count them 7 games against out of division sad saps.  This year they've got 2.

If the Bears make the playoffs this year beer is on me for my net Chicago visit.  Confident I wouldn't be buying.