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bomba503 posted:

Interesting perspective Stefaniawine of pretty muchblaming the victim in every game.

Humm - I don't think I did that at all.  Every team I expected to win did win and for the reasons I expected them too.  The only disappointment to me was how poorly Seattle played in the second half.  I thought that was going to be the best game of the weekend and it wasn't.  

I've called the Texans overrated since about week 6.  I haven't written much about the Colts, but they've been the hottest team over the last 10 weeks and only a face plant against the Jags stands out.  I thought the Texans defense was better than to let Luck have his way with them on the first couple of drives, it wasn't and it was a hole they were not going to get out of.  When the Colts went up 21 I stopped watching and went to the tasting room, I knew the Texans offense couldn't come back from that.

As much grief as I've given the Cowboys about their offense, they're defense has been great.  I just expected the Seahawks to cut loose and let Wilson run around like he does, making it an exciting game.

The Ravens I said needed to not turn the ball over to win.  They turned it over 3 times for a -2 and never had a chance.  The defense was amazing holding the Chargers to 4 field goals up against a short field time and time again, but the offense needed to be mistake free to have a chance.  I underrated the Chargers about mid season when they'd not beaten anyone yet, but I'm really impressed with their coaching and they have a great chance to move on against the Pats.

I've been critical of the Bears offense all season, and the offense let them down.  The defense won the the takeaway battle, held the Eagles to 16 points, and the offense let the team down.  

I mean scan up it's all there.  Week 2 or 3 I'm joking the Bears might not score 20 points on offense in any game all season (they did of course).  Around week 8-9 I'm saying the Eagles are still a really good team, they're just dogged with a killer schedule and turnover problems.  I say if they fix the turnovers they can get in the playoffs.  They had a loosing record at the time.

The teams that won, won because they took advantage of their opponents weaknesses and played to their strengths.  I do feel sorry for all my friends in Chicago because they've been cursed with bad football for so long, and I know had so much hope this year.  I also know they'll be back at 500 next year, so I feel bad for them.  This was their shot to win a playoff game and it might be a couple years before they get another one.