Reply to "NFL 2018"

Ah I see what I did, I implied it was Brees, Brady, Prescott as the top three.   I was trying to use Brees, Brady and Rodgers as an example of value relative to cap hit,  not say that Brees, Brady, Prescott was my ranking.  Sometimes you need an editor.

Wentz and Goff both have hits around 7.5 million, Prescott's is like $700k.  I think this year he's outplayed Wentz.  I may be biased there because my most obvious comparison is how each performed against the Saints.  Mahomes hit is around 2.5 million.   Goff has sucked it up the past two weeks, so I was thinking relative to cap space he'd moved ahead of him.  I think about it this way: Prescott and a 7 million dollar OLman is much better value than Wentz has been this year.  How in the world did I get defending Dak Prescott?  Tony Romo is still a better QB sitting in the booth right now, but the Cowboys can't pay him.

Prescott's 'suck line' is pretty horrible this year 7/48/6 (interceptions, sacks, fumbles lost), not indicative of a good QB.  I've been asked to write something about 'suck line' that might get published.  I'm trying to figure out a good way to weight it and not just add it up.  ( a lost fumble is worse that a sack, but how much worse?)  It's a pretty telling stat, I just need to figure out how to weight it, and maybe factor out marginal irregularities (A QB on a team trailing often is going to get sacked much more than one on a team leading, all else being equal).  Anyway for your entertainment this afternoon:

Brees = 4/13/1 (freaking amazing)

Rodgers = 1/39/2 (there's the impact of always being behind in the sack totals I think, plus the injury)

Brady = 8/18/2

Mahomes = 11/23/2

Goff = 11/29/3 (that's a lot of sacks for a QB leading all the time, and not having mobility issues like Rodgers)

Wentz = 7/31/6

Prescott = 7/48/6

Wilson = 6/39/2

Mariota = 8/39/2 (really bad considering that's not a full 13 games)

Bortles = 6/39/2