Reply to "NFL 2018"

Fun week.  Mike McCarthy and Ron Rivera (could be Stan Lee creations when you say them together) uphold the long NFL coaching tradition of not understanding arithmetic. 

Ok, you lose your QB, but how does a team that holds the Patriots to 10 points give up 38 to the Colts?

Giants v Bucs, Raiders v Cardinals, firmly establishes the Cardinals as the worst team in the NFL by a mile.  I know they managed to beat the 49ers twice, but man they suck.

I watched a lot of the Steelers game.  It was like they were uninterested, just cruise through the first 50 minutes and then bury the Jags.  My 8-8 prediction for the Jags looks grossly off.

The Bengals played the Ravens and if no one cared did it still happen?

I enjoy watching the Bears on defense.  Chaos.  It's like an old LA crew offline every week.

Texans on their way to no worse than 12-4 without beating a single team that will finish with a winning record.  Alex Smith, is that the unluckiest guy ever.  He's got a second career as a cooler in Vegas for sure.

Cowboys beat another sub .500 team.  Super Bowl bound for sure!

Who knows what to make of the Chargers.  They got all sexy when everyone realized their only loses were to the Rams and Chiefs.  But then the wins were against the Cards, Niners and Raiders twice, the three worst teams in the league, and then two .500 teams.  It gets tougher for them now and they've not really shown any toughness so far.

Don't worry about the Rams v Chiefs being the future of the NFL.  You need a decent coach and a good QB to pull that off and that eliminates 25 teams right there.  In the end in those situations you have to count on your defense to take the ball away.  The team that does that wins the shootout.

Who dat?