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stefaniawine posted:

I didn't get to watch anything completely except for the Saints v Falcons.  I did get most of the Bucs v Steelers game and a good portion of the Sunday night game.

The Falcons used last years plan against the Saints, they just avoided Lattimore.  Still a huge problem to get fixed, but playing the Giants should help them look better on defense.

To me Tomlin has always been an enigma, I just can't figure out where to put him as a coach.  I'm sure this is how it went down last Monday in the game planning meeting:

Steelers DC: "Fitzpatrick has been on fire in Tampa, how are we going to stop him?"

Tomlin: "Fitzpatrick, the guy who used to play for the Jets?"

Steelers DC: "Yeah that guy, he's been incredible."

Tomlin:  "You sure?  The Jet's guy?"

Steelers DC: "Yes"

Tomlin: "Just blitz his ass.  Ok, what are we doing on offense."

And he was right, that was it, that was all it took.  There's a reason Fitz bounced all over, he can't handle the blitz.  Then just as you think, Tomlin is a genius I remember 1/8/2012 and yelling at the TV: "Why are you blitzing Tebow, make him throw the ball, he can't throw the ball, make him do it."  Against Tebow, hell you should drop 11 in coverage, ok maybe 8 in coverage and 3 at the line to chase him down when he runs, and BOOM, the guys is a minor league baseball player of no note.

So what is it?  Is he a genius or just get's lucky more than 50% of the time?  I really don't know.

Pats look just as bad as they did last year at this time.  I'm not going to take part in the annual exercise of writing them off.

The Fins should be 3-0 based on who they've played and 4-0 with a game against a Pats team that lost to the Lions seems really possible.  They might back in to something like an 11-5 record this year just based on beating up their division.

Seems I don't have to watch the Jags after all, they are who we thought they were.

I can't figure out any upside to the Jets playing Darnold right now, none.  Throw McCown in there to start the season, waiting until he gets hurt or blows up, and then you move Darnold in.  Not like this was going to be a playoff team that just needed an extra spark to go from 10 to 12 wins.  I think if McCown  was playing they Jets would be 3-0.

Speaking of 3-0.  Great coaches can make changes to the game plan in the middle of the game, they are rare and most of them were named Walsh.  Good coaches make changes at half time, and that's why how a team plays to start the 3rd quarter is such a good indicator of the quality of coaching.  Some coaches can make changes before the next game.  Most coaches take 2-3 games to figure things out.  Andy Reid makes changes in the offseason.

I didn't get to see much of the 49er game, the Saints game was too exciting, but I remember how last year started for the Chiefs.  They were pre-crowned Super Bowl winners, they'd already beaten the Pats and the Eagles, they are 5-0 and Alex Smith was the greatest QB in history.  Then Reid got out game planned by Tomlin, and for whatever reason forgot that the Chiefs where the team that dug up the video on San Jose State vs Fresno State and knew that if you just play cover two against Carr he'll never check down and force the ball into interceptions.  No, Reid made a mid-season change, I'll give you that, but he changes from something that worked and the rest of the league copied, to something that didn't.  They then back into the playoffs and are out in one week.  Don't get too excited in KC.

Last Monday watching the Bears I thought, "this team might make the playoffs and not score more than 20 points in a game on offense all year. "  Gives me a reason to watch the Bears I guess.

There's one big change for this year, We're back to taking Sunday's off.  I just decided to have the girls cover the tasting room completely on Sunday.  We had a TV out there but the times I was busiest were right as the games where ending at 12:45 and 3:45.  I felt like I didn't see a fourth quarter last year.  So, Kermit goes on the stereo at 9:15, Fay's Bloody Mary's at 9:50, and we are locked down for football.  Stop by if you're in the area, I'm in the backyard.

If I didn't enjoy your wine so much I'd suggest you switch careers and start commentating full time.