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stefaniawine posted:

Credit for the Saints defense should go to Todd Monken.  He put in place a scheme to isolate Lattimore using motion and crossing routes and press the Saints deep.  Last year the leagues reaction to Lattimore was to not throw at him at all (Bears had one pass play to his side of the field in the game last year).  The Browns copied it the next week, but Taylor is no Fitzpatrick it would seem.

Dennis Allen isn't the brightest candle in the opera, not surprised he has figured out a counter yet in two games, but he eventually seems to.  The Saints should always play high risk defense and Allen just hasn't done it this year yet.  I suspect his conservative play calling eventually gets beat down my Payton's relentless nagging and he finally complies, happened in week three last year.

Don't know what to make of the Browns.  Easy to say they could be 2-0 with a good kicker, but then they are plus six in turnovers and 0-1-1.  Teams that are plus 6 should be 2-0 no matter what the kicker does.  The two teams who are + three are 4-0, and the teams + two are 8-2-1.   3-4 wins this season seems wildly optimistic, unless you think that turnover ratio will continue.

The best thing about the Raiders is I don't have to listen to Gruden's blathering, pawing praise for every coach in the NFL on TV anymore.  Wish he was a better coach so he'd stay out of the booth longer, but he should be back in there by 2020.

Lions are a mess.  49ers about what I expected.  The Giants - Is that NFL football?  Need to get a Jags game in to see if they really are that much better than I thought.  And not to gloat, but man I took a lot of crap for saying Russell Wilson was not an elite QB, you know one who could win even with an average or below average cast around him.  Well ok, I'll gloat.  Prediction #2 about him was he's out of the league or at least not a starter in a few years.  You have to read defenses and make adjustments to have a long life in the NFL, he does neither. 

Maybe Winston can get work as an Uber driver.   Is that too soon?

And last thought is you really know nothing about anything until after week 4.  Wins that seem impressive now against a team that was in the playoffs last year won't look as good when that team is 1-3.  Most coaches need at least two and usually three weeks of game film before they can re-find their belly button and make some adjustments to whatever silly ideas they came up with in training camp.

An entertaining and accurate read!