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Reply to "NBA 2015-2016"

Originally posted by winetarelli:
Based upon what was going on even at the end of the regular season, I really didn't know what the Cavs would look like in the playoffs and if they would be able to deal with the West.

Obviously, something has changed.

If the other shoe doesn't drop -- and it still might -- but if it doesn't, I think they have a strong possibility of taking it all and bringing the first major sports championship to Cleveland in over 50 years.

Have been reading the Cavs are eating together, laughing together, etc. Also adding depth with Frye has been able to make a positive change in spreading the floor. They are more of a team now and healthy as a result of improved depth.

The Warriors and OKC will beat up each other. The Cavs will likely be favored as both of the western finalists are currently playing hurt.

Go Warriors.