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Reply to "NBA 2015-2016"

Originally posted by TPEwinedrinker:
Originally posted by g-man:

well yea, if you make more 3 pters per attempt, you'd make more pts per attempt. Not really a relevant comparison.

actually, you are wrong, as Kobe's FT attempts are the equalizer for Steph's 3 pt prowess. Seriously, however way you look at it, Steph in win #73 was more efficient than Kobe.

but steph didnt score 81. arguing about efficiency is only a small part of the argument about kobe in his prime vs kobe 10 years afterwards.

Kobe did carry the 81 game when no one else on his team was able to hit a shot.

The defense was literally double and triple teaming him in the 4th quarter. he was making like a stupid 65% of his FGs going into the 3rd quarter.

Take Steve Kerr's career with the bulls
he made a whopping 1.33pts/attempt
compared to stephs 1.35pts/attempt
are you going to argue that steve kerr was just as good as steph curry because he was just as efficient?

That 81 pt outburst, to me, was definitely one of the finest games I saw from a basketball player. That game literally defines when a player needs to put a team on his back and carry them.