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Reply to "NBA 2015-2016"

Originally posted by billhike:
Originally posted by g-man:
[QUOTE]Originally posted by GlennK:
I'm a huge Rose fan but I'm even starting to waiver at this point. He should stop talking and just play.

did he get a sex toy shoved into his eye socket because the girl wanted him to pay for it?

I didnt quite catch the story.

Not sure if you've read anything since posting, but here is the Cliff Notes version.

He got an elbow from a teammate in their 1st practice. I was hoping it was from Joakim on purpose for being a p***y.

He is being sued by an "ex-gf" claiming she was gang-raped. He says that it was a consensual group session and that she was mad because she wanted to be reimbursed for a sex toy she bought for the session.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty sure I've never thought about being aroused in the same room with some of my naked buddies and a dildo all flying around.

Sounds like just another offline for Parcival