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This is not how music streaming works and it should not be the way movie distribution works.

Bad analogy, TOM.  Unless you're using TIDAL, you're getting "less" music than on a CD when streaming.


To start off it's the only analogy that fits. Music, moves, and videos are the only entertainment (not counting regular cable service or video games) we stream into our home. There is nothing else to compare them to.

(I think) the vast majority of music that most people want is available on basic services like Spotify. In addition many (most?) albums that are thought of as "classics" are also available. In addition there is no music service that monthly removes standard fare and then brings it back years later. But we're supposed to get excited when the monthly Netflix list comes out and once again Goodwill Hunting is available again. While the music streaming model will always miss a number of important titles it's no where near the disaster that the movie streaming model is.

The good of the music streaming model is the access to millions of songs everyday--without regular deletions (except for occasional copyright disputes) and returns. This is not close to the movie streaming model.

For fun I pulled up the Hollywood Report top 100 films of all time. Though I don't agree with the list it's a typical list of film favs: GodfatherShawshankE.T., etc. Of ALL ten only one, Pulp Fiction is included in any subscription service. In this case Hulu. Mostly your movies services, Amazon and others are going to upcharge you an additional $4. Now go look at everyone's favorite music on our forum, or grab almost any "best of list" of jazz or rock or blues or country and you will find most is included in the basic streaming services. I think only classical is an exception and that's perhaps because much of it never even made to CD.

I assume you're going to still disagree with me, but I don't know what else to say.

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