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My “1999” comment was because I think the whole aspect ratio discussion was relevant back then, but not so much these days.

I prosthelytized about it back in the day but have barely given it a thought in 15+ years. Most systems these days play movies in the correct aspect ratio. Besides, most people don’t care. And won’t listen if you try to convince them otherwise. 

"Most systems these days play movies in the correct aspect ratio."

It has nothing to do with the system--I hope I haven't been giving anyone here that impression. It's a decision that's being made by the streaming, or cable, company showing the movie.

"Besides, most people don’t care."

I'm not interested in most people. I am only trying to reach people who might understand that film is an art form and and that the artist's decisions (which includes aspect ratio, the "frame of the artwork") be respected. HBO, of all companies, is one that often shows you only 80% of the movie. You're paying full price you might as well get all you paid for. 

BTW, this, and the broken movie streaming model (a discussion for another day), is why I own a lot of DVDs.

Perhaps I didn't explain my point well: the people who DO care ("people who might understand that film is an art form...") already know about aspect ratio; the people who DON'T care will glaze over when you try to tell them about it. And regardless, unless you plan to rally tens of thousands of people via something like, you won't likely get HBO to rethink their policies.

Yelling at clouds on this forum might make you feel better, but it won't change anything. If people are watching films on a streaming service, they get what they get. If they're watching on Blu-ray or DVD or digital download on a current model 16:9 TV, they will likely be watching the films in their original aspect ratio (unless they've accidentally pressed the aspect button on their remote and are watching in "zoom" mode... in which case they deserve what they get).