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Be sure to watch it in the correct aspect ratio. If there aren't black bars at the top of the bottom you're not watching the full movie.


TOM, this isn't 1999. 

I did a little thinking on this and realized if you're over 50 years old probably 50% of all movies you've seen where in the wrong aspect ratio. What this means, as my best estimate, you've missed between 20% to 25% of the movies you've watched. This was caused by all the widescreen movies you watched on your 4:3 ratio TV sets. The change to this finally occurred with the 16:9 ratio television. It seemed from this point out this would no longer be a problem and then I discovered major streaming sources like HBO showing 2.4:1 movies at 1.8:1. Meaning again you are missing around a fifth of the movie.

For those who care about film as art, this is an example of what Guernica would look like after slicing off 20%. I hope some of you get the point.

The original:

Guernica in the wrong "aspect ratio."

Not quite the same thing. If you see a movie in the incorrect ratio have you really seen the movie? Are you seeing the movie the way the director envisioned it? Good directors consider everything in the frame and for that matter the frame itself.


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