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The Old Man posted:
seaquam posted:

I know you remember Mr Cabernet, the dick who had to make his opinion about every nuance of cinema clear to everyone here, and who had to rain on people‚Äôs parades if they wrote something positive about a film when he disagreed. He became universally despised here. Go look in a mirror. Do you see yourself starting to look like him?  Because I certainly do.

I wish to pull out these comments for a separate discussion. I hope I can get some non-snarky responses. I have wondered this for many, many years and perhaps someone here can answer it: What do you care what a person on the internet, who you probably don't even know, thinks about anything you love or enjoy?

So you think that Big with Tom Hanks is a great movie. You get a real charge out of the scene of him and the other actor dancing on that giant keyboard. I think it's a forgettable piece of fluff. What do you care what I think? How can my, or anyone else's, opinion affect your enjoyment and beliefs?

I think Citizen Kane is the greatest movie ever made, you may think it's an overrated empty film. What do I give a shit what you think about it? Are you "raining on my parade"? You can't; I'm firm in my opinion. I assume you are too in yours. How can some "dick", cause you such distress? 

Some say I'm condescending. Yes, I am. It's one of my biggest flaws, and if  you want to attack that, as you did, go ahead. (And unlike most people on the internet I acknowledged it.)  However, if someone you consider a condescending or "pompous asshole" says something, again, what do you care? I just don't get it. Someone here has made fun of my enjoyment of Star Trek.  Do you think I give a rat's ass what he thinks? Do you think I felt he was "raining on my parade"? I simply ignored and went on with my life.

So I guess my question is: Are you negatively affected by what people on the internet think of your favorite of films, art, music, television, books etc.? 

And for those that really can't stand me, my avatar is very easy to spot--a black and white photo of Frank Lloyd Wright (Who I think is the greatest architect of all time and guess what? I don't care if you don't agree.)--it's very easy to spot and then ignore what I write.

Perhaps the issue is how what you say reflects who you are or at least who you seem to be.