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I found Schindler’s List more difficult to watch because it’s based on a real story.   It was both very sad and inspirational.

I found Schindler's List difficult to watch because Spielberg's not a good director.

Doubled, I think your comment is right on point.

At her request, I took my mother, a Holocaust survivor, to see this film. She sobbed during the entire movie, but to their credit, the people around us neither moved away nor hushed her. Her reaction was clearly emotional and appropriate, which even strangers who knew nothing about her understood.

Old Man, a person like doubled is moved by a film about the Holocaust, but you choose to suggest that the movie has a problem because the director was “not good”?? You pompous asshole!

I know you remember Mr Cabernet, the dick who had to make his opinion about every nuance of cinema clear to everyone here, and who had to rain on people’s parades if they wrote something positive about a film when he disagreed. He became universally despised here. Go look in a mirror. Do you see yourself starting to look like him?  Because I certainly do.

(You might reconsider some of your ad hominem attacks in the political thread as well. Your opinions might have some good foundation, but quite a few of your posts are just personal attacks. They’re unnecessary.)