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Reply to "MOVIES: What are you watching?"

purplehaze posted:

Gemini Man.  Pretty lousy movie.  Saw it in 3D.  I'm still not a huge 3D fan, but the effects in this movie were pretty cool.  The high frame rate the film was shot it gave it a strange, (even more CGI looking than was already there)  look.  72 points.


The great John Hess, of Filmmaker IQ, takes on the frame challenge. Filmmaker IQ is simply an incredible site for those who want to understand the technical aspects of filmmaking and there is no one better at this than Hess. (For those who are interested here he is explaining aspect ratio.)

Anyway Hess has already talked about why 24 fps is the preferred frame rate. Here is tackles the 120fps of Gemini Man.

In one of his comments to this post he gave this amazing fact, which if you think about the look it's quite obvious, "The Larry Sanders Show from the 1990s that jumped between 24fps for behind the scenes antics and 60i for when you were viewing it as a live late night broadcast."

For those who are interested you will learn way more about filmmaking from Filmmaker IQ than anything you learned in a free- pass film studies class in college. 

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