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jcocktosten posted:

Finally saw Get Out.  Absolutely brilliant.  

I'd like to give you an example of how clever Peele is, there are number of "easter eggs" but that is not why it's brilliant. This is especially true of the lesser film US; hidden things like the obvious VHS tapes at the beginning of the movie are not great filmmaking.


What is the purpose of the first driving scene when they get stopped by the cop after the accident? Well, one thing we notice is she is fighting hard not to let the cop see her "man's" driver license. Of course we will now. But it's real purpose is to set you up for the final scene: A black man is surrounded by dead people, a cop car rolls up. We know what's going to happen when the white cop gets out of the car--our hero's off to jail. But wait it's not a cop it's...

The cop setup at the beginning is to lodge the idea of what we think is going to happen in the end. 

So I leave you with these, if you're watching the movie in the correct aspect ratio (not 1.77:1, but 2.39:1) why is the front of the house deliberately symmetrical?

Why a ukulele, why a lacrosse stick and why bingo cards?

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the movie is that the "bad guys" aren't racists like you'd might expect in a "social commentary" movie. Unlike the ham-fisted, Blackkklansman, they "love" black people.

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