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Biting my lip!🙃

Why? I know you have an opinion on his films.

We watched Rope (1948) the other night. Very good. Filmed on a single set with a half a dozen characters like a stage play.

...and filmed with a single camera in (almost) one continuous shot. When they were shooting, they had to stop every 10 minutes to change film reels, but those cuts were disguised by things like having the camera pan across a dark surface. There are 4 visible cuts in the film that occurred every 20 minutes. They coincided with when the theatre projectionist would have to change reels.

Less commonly known is that Hitchcock tried to same thing with his next movie Under Capricorn with Ingrid Bergman and Joseph Cotton. Though the long shots are not used on every scene, unlike Rope, it attempts shots that goes through rooms instead of a single location. In an amazing scene a massive crane assembly was used to keep shooting up, down and around a staircase. Though not a great film, as with all of Hitchcock's movies, there is much to admire. Last year a 4k restoration was released:

Under Capricorn Blu-ray

FWIW I'd rank To Catch a Thief  around number 18 in my Hitchcock list. Beautiful stars, some beautiful scenes, but ultimately shallow.

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