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Reply to "MOVIES: What are you watching?"

gigabit posted:
sunnylea57 posted:

Green Book
Terrific. Emotionally engaging, funny, thoughtful and well paced. Not particularly profound, but it's highly entertaining. The performances from Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen are note-perfect.

The Old Man and The Gun
It has an odd rhythm to it. It's slow and flat at times, and it's emotionally detached. Redford and Spacek are charming, but the movie didn't do it for me.

I agree with your thoughts on Green Book.  My wife and I really enjoyed it.  Both Ali and Mortensen give great performances, beautifully contrasted against each other.  Mortensen's physical transformation was particularly impressive.  My wife didn't recognize him until well into the movie.

BTW I'm aware of the "Hollywood white saviour" criticism of the movie, as well as the complaints of Don Shirley's family that the film is full of falsehoods about the relationship between Shirley and Vallelonga. When I said it wasn't a profound film, I was referring to its glossy and simplistic take on racism. But the film didn't pretend to be more than what it was.