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Reply to "MOVIES: What are you watching?"


I'm putting this in the "MOVIES" thread even though it's a 3-part mini-series that ran on BBC last year. Total running time is 2 hrs 15 minutes, so I'd count that as a movie and not a series.

If you can track it down, it's worth watching. (Easy to find, if you know what to do.)

Biopic about British singer Cilla Black, a contemporary of the Beatles who was also managed by Brian Epstein.

Breezy, incredibly entertaining, fantastic performances and perfect period details. Most remarkable, the actress playing Cilla Black (Sheridan Smith) does her own singing. She's no slouch.

In the trailer you can spot the actors playing Brian Epstein, George Martin, and at the very end, Burt Bacharach.

For comparison's sake, here's Cilla Black singing her second #1 single:

And here's Sheridan Smith from the movie:
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