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Reply to "MOVIES: What are you watching?"

Originally posted by wine+art:An Altman top 5?
So difficult with Altman, such an up and down career. I am not a fan of some of his more critic approved/adored films such as McCabe & Mrs. Miller with his trademark hard-to-localize dialogue tracks. I also do not like Nashville which I saw in the theatre. I can't remember for some reason my impressions of Vincent & Theo, though I think generally negative, be very interested in what you think.

These are in chronological order because I find it almost impossible to rank Altman's films. Like Wilde each film has its own uniqueness.

MASH of course. Saw it in the theatre was blown away, it was so unlike most movies. Really kicked off what I think of a Hollywood's greatest decade.

The Long Goodbye I shouldn't like this updating of Chandler being the purist I am, but I absolutely adore this movie. Gould is so right playing the out of his time Marlowe. Gotta to love Nina van Pallandt. And how great is Henry Gibson! Come to LA and I'll show you the High Tower Apartments where Marlowe lived.

The Player I think this Hollywood insider joke filled film may be his masterpiece. A really unexpected film.

Short Cuts A pure pleasure.

And for the fifth? No I can't add Gosford Park. I really didn't like this type of film that the English, and the BBC in particular, seem to effortlessly shake out of their sleeves.

I guess the nod will go to the kaleidoscope of interesting and memorable images throughout his career. And for a child of the 50's I dig that he did 11 episodes of The Millionaire and 19 of Whirlybirds!