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Reply to "MOVIES: What are you watching?"

Originally posted by tanglenet:
Originally posted by eyesintime:
Originally posted by Rothko:
Let's see a list of "Movies that Tough Guys can Cry to"

I'll get it started:

Field of Dreams

I never seen Hachi, don't remember crying with Rudy, and it's been a long time since I've seen Field of Dreams. The movie that slways chokes me up at the ending is It's a Wonderful Life.

Ditto Hachi.
My Life as a Dog
Courage of Lassie (Lassie is a decorated WWII vet with PTSD, although they didn't call it that back then)
Dean Spanley

I've a soft spot for dog movies

Oh, lord, any of those. How about My Dog Skip, or any of the Lassie movies or TV series.
I can remember watching Lassie as a small child, when at the end of every show, she and the park ranger who was searching for her would miss each other by only a few seconds, and I would be crying, "No, Lassie! Turn around! Go the other way!"

For the original tear jerker, there is, of course, Ol' Yeller.
As Phoebe on Friends once exclaimed, "What kind of sick, doggy snuff film is this?!?"