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Re: This is 40

Somehow, while being both well intentioned and well executed, it was not a pleasant movie for me.

A few points (both positive and negative).

- Judd Apatow seems to take Jack Nicholson's advice from As Good as it Gets when writing women, "I think of a man; then I take away reason and accountability." It is surprising to me that his real-life wife was so up on this (almost borderline misogynist at times) movie.

- The characters are uniformly LA-shallow. And their problems seem not to be of the universal sort, but of the upper-middle-class, self-indulgent, self-loathing, lost, LA sort.

- It is difficult to see the love between the couple other than that they say they love each other. There are moments, but far more where you just don't get it.

- John Lithgow was good, but the character was extraneous and unintegrated. And just oddly placed.

- The movie is WAY too long for what it is. This is one weekend in the life of a privileged, healthy couple of 40 year olds taking about as long to tell as Spielberg's telling of Lincoln.

- Albert Brooks as Paul Rudd's dad was absolutely fantastic. I assume he ad-libbed / wrote most of his own lines. There is one guilt-trip line that he delivers so perfectly...

- Apatow's real-life kids are likable.