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Reply to "MOVIES: What are you watching?"

Originally posted by winetarelli:
I thought it was good/great. I thought Emma's acting was the best it has ever been, by a lot. I thought Rupert and Dan were both great. I wished Rickman had more screen time. I *love* exposition, but it was 2 1/2 hours of exposition which I could see some people having a problem with. The score was the best (by FAR) since John Williams' for PoA and the movie is too dark for a Williams score, anyway. The cinematography was also first rate. The cartoon was exceptional. Though Ifan's acting as Luna's father was nothing to write home about. I found the movie a bit choppy and uneven, and it did tend to drag in the middle, although all the exposition was necessary. The topless scene was quite welcome, but unexpected and seemed there more for shock value than for plot. It is no secret who my celebrity crush is and to have her looking like this caused me to forget to pay attention to what was going on in the movie more than once, and just to stare.

All-in-all, I thought the movie was very well-made. I enjoyed it, and I was left wanting more, which was the point. But at the end of both the first and second LOTR movies, I was left wanting more yet still somehow satisfied. Here, there was a sense that I had just watched the most amazing 2 1/2 hour trailer ever.

I liked the movie quite a bit and I also am planning on seeing it again in the theatre. But, unlike, say, PoA, where I could easily recommend it to a non-HP fan as a truly outstanding movie, I feel this movie was made more for the fans. Scenes that could have led to emotional flourish (Hermione and Harry dancing, Hermione attacking Ron, the loss of a character early on, the loss of a character late in the game, etc) were not taken advantage of in a way that they maybe could have been.

There were flashback and dream sequences that even as a lover of the series, I could not follow.

The break came in a perfect spot, but it felt a bit forced. It felt like the obvious place to put intermission. But not a 7 month hiatus.

Overall, a B+ from me.

Your thoughts?

I have not seen it yet. My wife and I usually go 2-3 weeks after the release date.