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Reply to "MOVIES: What are you watching?"

@The Old Man posted:

If you have a large enough collection I'd recommend watching them in chronological order. The similarities, and even the differences, over the decades is very informative and helps for a deeper understanding of this man's talents. If you have them I'd recommend these English pictures first:

The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog -- The really one indispensable silent picture of Hitchcock. Key to so many future Hitchcock themes and devices.

The Man Who Knew Too Much -- The first of two versions, this one with an amazing performance by Peter Lorre.

The 39 Steps -- The true Hitchcock formula of the wrong man begins with this movie.

Young and Innocent -- Often overlook seminal work with one of the greatest revealings of the bad guy in all of Hitchcock movies.

The Lady Vanishes -- The most British of Hitchcock thriller films.

I actually recommend watching all of his films in order, but you'd probably have to come over to my house and I'm isolating.

Thanks TOM.  Hoped you might chime in.  Thanks for the suggestion on viewing order.

We don't have The Lodger, but do have the rest on your list.  As well as earlier things like Blackmail.   So we will proceed chronologically as you suggest.