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winetarelli posted:
The Old Man posted:
winetarelli posted:

Live and Let Die


(The best of the Moore films)

The worst of the title songs?

The Best

  1. Goldfinger
  2. Thunderball
  3. You Only Live Twice

Another coincidence? They all star the best, and only Bond, Sean Connery.

I agree on Thunderball and You Only Live Twice but I've never been a much of a fan of Goldfinger due to problems I have with the plot.  (Odd, I know, to have plot-based problems with a Bond film, but it is the case.) I also think Dr. No is great and From Russia with Love is very good. 

All of that said, while very different, I also think Daniel Craig has been a great Bond and, in particular, his first outing in Casino Royale I thought was exceptional.

Now, judging the films by their other merits, it is hard to argue with 29yo Diana Rigg or 23yo Jane Seymour.

I'm sorry, I wasn't clear I was listing the best title songs. The best Bond is Goldfinger even if it makes no sense that he shows the mob men the plan and then kills them all.